2020-09-24 -October’s Memo

2020-09-23-letter From the Board of Directors

2020-09-23-letter From the Auditor

2020-09-17-Notice of Furnace and Smoke Alarm Inspections


Jun-10-2020- Memo New Security Company

Jun-03-2020-CHFT Special Posting

May-27-2020 – June Memo

May-27-2020 – Water Shut Off Notice

Apr-29-2020-Notice to Tenants May Rent Payments

May 2020- Monthly Memo

Apr-23-202-Risk Management Website

Apr-22-2020-Emergency Work Order Completion Procedures

Apr-21-2020- Update – Office Hours

Apr-07-2020 Social Distancing Reminder

Apr-04-2020: Mental Health Youth Resources, if You Need Mental Health Assistance for Youth, Please Review

Apr-04-2020: Mental Health, if You Need Mental Health Assistance, Please Review

Apr-01-2020- April Rent and Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Mar 24, 2020 – Rent Payment Notice

Mar 24, 2020 – Revision Important Changes Impacting RGI

Mar 12, 2020 – RGI Changes