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Serving the North York Community

Clintwood Co-op, a proud member of the Co-operative Federation of Canada, serves the vibrant North York Community. We provide non-profit housing for families, seniors, singles, and more, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

Clintwood Co-op

Membership Benefits

At Clintwood Co-op, residents aren't just tenants; they're members. Enjoy lower housing charges and have a voice in the Co-operative's decision-making process. Join us in shaping our community and ensuring affordable housing for all.

Community Living

With 63 units tailored to various needs, Clintwood Co-op offers a welcoming space for everyone. Our diverse community thrives on mutual respect, cooperation, and a shared commitment to building a better tomorrow.

Clintwood Co-op
Clintwood Co-op

Closed Waiting Lists for New Applicants

At Clintwood Co-op, we strive to maintain an inclusive and supportive community for all our members. Currently, the waiting lists for new applicants to the co-op are closed. We believe in providing fair access to affordable housing and ensuring that all members have a voice in the co-operative's operations. As such, we periodically review and manage our waiting lists to best serve our diverse community. We appreciate your understanding and encourage interested individuals to stay updated on future openings.

Co-Op By-Laws

Learn about Clintwood Co-op's guiding principles and regulations. Our by-laws outline the rights and responsibilities of members, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability within our co-operative community. For more information, visit our Co-op By-Laws page.

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